Diablo 4

Diablo 4 devs want your feedback

Diablo 4 developers want players to give feedback. Some players got asked to vote on how much they’re enjoying Season 2 and if it’s better than Season 1.

Not every player is being invited to take part; it seems like participants are selected randomly. In the survey, players are prompted to rate their personal enjoyment of the Season of Blood.
Blizzard also wants general feedback on how to make Diablo 4 better, like new features or changes. This follows a poll by the Lead Class Designer about the balance between players and Undead Minions. If you’re a Necromancer player, there’s a poll ending soon for you to share your thoughts on class balancing.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Season 2 of the game had a rough start, and it’s not just because of the launch delay. Many players are running into problems with their Battle Passes and Season Journeys. In august, Blizzard Entertainment’s President, Mike Ybarra, has engaged with the Diablo community in response to a video by dedicated Diablo 4 Content Creator Wudijo. The YouTuber voiced specific critiques and feedback concerning Blizzard’s approach to the franchise.

Ybarra not only acknowledged Wudijo’s input but also emphasized Blizzard’s commitment to taking player feedback seriously. This exchange underscores Blizzard’s dedication to refining and enhancing the player experience as they continue to develop Diablo 4.


  1. Need to being skeleton king into game

  2. We need armors sets please……like in diablo 3