Diablo 4 Leak: ‘Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross’

A well-known redditor named PracticalBrush 12 comes with several Diablo 4 leaks. This redditor is known for its famous leaks about Persona 5, Ghost Recon and Pokemon.
He wrote the following:

Hey there you arrogant fake necks! My servants …

Whatever, I got some news about Diablo 4 for you all and I think you will like it despite what’s been happening recently … If you don’t want – don’t believe me, especially since I can’t provide any sources for this … My “history” could convince you but eh – I won’t force anyone!

Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross – no more rainbow shiny bullshit this time! Loactions are toned down, infrequently laid with corpses, wasteland, greyish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, plagued cities you name it. They are also seemingly much bigger, maybe even open? Characters are now able to ride horses (possibly other mounts), also there is contextual interaction with environment? – climbing a wall Lost Ark style. Blood splatters look more like blood and not splashed jam too.

So far i can confirm 3 classes: mage (uses fire, ice and lightning so far), barbarian (swords, clubs, axes, kicks etc), and druid (lightning, wind, and transforming into beasts – so far bear and werewolf! ).

Possibly there will be PvP from the start ?. 4 player coop is there for sure.

All this game seems to be a WINK to the Diablo 2 fans, Lilith being the new diablo (she’s covered in blood veil kinda), characters being shown sitting at a campfire as character selection, nitty gritty dark style that 2 was praised for, some skills also seem to be just tasks from it and put in here (like sorceress’ charged bolt). I’m interested and hope they don’t fuck this up. The company is bad, but the game might not be this time.

2 points with “?” are just because it’s not clear to me tbh … let’s see what they say at the conference

no date yet too .. sorry .. If any questions I will answer later

Brushie out!

EDIT. Okay yes, I forgot somehow to say genre and now everyone is saying wild things – ARPG just as previous title, no dating sim, no shlooter or anything weird.

Also I’m adding my comment here, it should be from the start to be honest but I went to sleep:

“Please do not fucking pre-order D4 …

No idea how bad the monetization will be, and it’s not smart to give them the confidence that they can do whatever they want … So far it’s seeming to be the d3 we all originally wanted, it would be sad to be ripped by actiblizz because of that …

I hope you get me,


Whether this is all true, we will find out tomorrow when Blizzcon will actually start.