Diablo 4 player exposed 30 billion gold item that led to “trading stop”

A 30 billion gold item led to Diablo 4 players facing a trading ban from the developers. Now, we’ve discovered what this item is and how it caused ongoing issues in the game due to the trade ban. The root of the problem lies in a single weapon – a nearly-maxed out ‘Cut Symbol’ Ancestral Rare Crossbow, to be specific. This Crossbow, described as having a “1% off triple max roll,” possesses incredible power that any Diablo 4 player would want to possess.

Initially, all it took was bidding 150 million gold to make the purchase, but things spiraled quickly. The YouTube video by user Jeppe-O shows the bidding frenzy that skyrocketed into billions in no time.

In the end, a bidder proposed an unrestricted amount of gold to the holder of the crossbow, eventually reaching an agreement at 30 billion gold. The video shows the exchange of an immense quantity of gold, which seems to be the cause behind Blizzard temporarily stopping trading. Taking action on August 15, Blizzard disabled player trading due to the exploitation of a glitch that duplicated gold and items.

This method involved a player in Diablo 4 initiating a trade with another, depositing items or gold into the trade slot, deliberately closing the game client, and then logging back in. This resulted in the items or gold reappearing in the initiating player’s inventory while still remaining in the possession of the receiving player. Blizzard has now reinstated trading in Diablo 4 following a backend fix.

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