Diablo 4 Players are receiving free Battle Passes in Season 2

Diablo 4 Season 2 of the game is off to a rough start, and it’s not just because of the launch delay. Many players are running into problems with their Battle Passes and Season Journeys..

Some players are getting free Premium Battle Passes unexpectedly. A few players, as reported on the D4 Reddit, had already used their free pass from the deluxe edition in Season 1. However, strangely, they now have the option to get the Season 2 Battle Pass again, as if they never used it in Season 1. Some even got a free Accelerated Battle Pass!

But here’s the catch – the Battle Passes are not working correctly right now. There are various issues with unlocks and the Season Journey. Specifically, many players are finding that the challenges in the journey chapters aren’t updating at all.

While some players have reported fixes and others have suggested solutions, one possible workaround for this bug is to log in with your previous Season 1 character and then switch back to your Season 2 character. This should make the challenges work from that point onward, but it won’t update the ones you’ve already completed. Keep in mind that this method has worked for some but not for others.


Simple fix to get your season pass working
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