Diablo 4 players on PC are unhappy with controller support

Diablo 4 players are unhappy with the limited controller options in the game and want Blizzard Entertainment to fix them.

This has sparked a debate on whether it’s better to play the game with a keyboard and mouse or a controller. While previous Diablo games were later adapted for consoles, Diablo 4 was designed with controller support from the start. Each option has its pros and cons; a keyboard and mouse offer better accuracy and communication, while a controller provides easier movement and spell binding.

D4 Controller Support Lacking // No Updates Since Launch
byu/AZAWESTIE indiablo4

Even dedicated controller users are encountering issues, as seen in a Reddit post listing various controller-related problems:

  • Trample/Leap/Dash/Teleport/Sever etc feel’s really bad due to only going the min distance in combat.

  • No manual inventory/stash sorting still. It’s auto sort or nothing which is very cumbersome.

  • “Move to new stash tab” broke in the recent patch when in stash. No longer works.

  • Horse max sprint speed capped, probably tied into the same issue of mobility / range casts (1st point)

  • No manual pickup of stacked ground loot. For instance if you have a stacked list on the ground it will pickup in a priority order and not let you cycle manually (meaning you have to pickup everything, open menu, drop what you don’t want etc)

  • Deadzones for walk/sprint speed broke in recent patch

Numerous fans have expressed similar worries, and there are also players who feel let down by the absence of native keyboard and mouse support for consoles in Diablo 4. Reddit user Azawestie suggests that Mouse and Keyboard, as well as Controllers, should offer equal functionality for all players.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.