Diablo 4 players are unhappy with the Battle Pass, calling it ‘Most Mid Battle Pass’ ever seen.

The Diablo 4 Season 1 Premium Battle Pass has faced criticism from a lot of players. Upon completion, you will only receive 666 Platinum, which fits well with the game’s infernal theme, but unfortunately, it’s not very useful for purchasing items from the store.

The least expensive cosmetic available costs 800 Platinum, and the Battle Pass for the next Season requires 1,000 Platinum. If you intend to use the Platinum earned from the Season 1 Battle Pass to buy Battle Passes for future seasons, you will have 998 Platinum for Season 3. This means you will be 2 Platinum short for your next Battle Pass, as players have pointed out.

Most Mid Battle Pass I’ve Ever Seen in my Life
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Why 666 Coins in the Battlepass was Mathematically the Scummiest amount Blizzard could have given.
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Diablo 4 will have seasonal content like in previous games, but with new stories and quests separate from the main campaign. You’ll need a new character in the “Seasonal Realm” to play these seasons. While you can work on the Battle Pass during the campaign, certain special features, like Malignant foes, are only available after completing the campaign.