Diablo 4 PTR data hints at Iron Wolves Season 4 theme

WoWHead datamined the Diablo 4 PTR and found some new stuff that could be hinting at a Season 4 themed around the Iron Wolves.

But, a big disclaimer: WoWhead says just because they found these items and assets in the PTR doesn’t mean they’ll definitely be in Diablo 4’s Season 4 or even used at all. They’re just speculating about how these pieces might fit into the game’s future.

The things WoWhead found strongly suggest an Iron Wolves theme. Iron Wolves have been around in Diablo since the second game, and it looks like they’re giving their emblem a fresh look that pays homage to the past.

Iron Wolves Emblem

New Iron Wolves NPCs, sporting Diablo 2 Mercenary outfits, join players in battling demons in Helltides on the PTR. Some Helltide events also showcase the Iron Wolves. Additionally, multiple tiers of Iron Wolves items and gear caches hint at a reputation tier reward system.

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