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The Gauntlet & Leadboards not available at start of Diablo 4 Season 3, Devs unveil latest Battle Pass rewards | Developer Update

In the latest livestream, the Diablo 4 development team discusses the upcoming Season 3: Season of the Construct, set to begin on January 23rd. Here are some of the key highlights we’ve outlined.

In Season 3 of Diablo 4, the Abbatoir of Zir won’t be present, but future endgame features are in consideration. A new upgradable seasonal construct will be introduced, along with the addition of Vaults as a dungeon type.

Also the developers talked about The Gauntlet, offering cosmetics and seals. The brand new Diablo 4 feature will be coming soon but not at the season launch. The Gauntlet offers unlimited access, allowing you to enter as frequently as you desire.

We also got more info about Vaults. Season 3 introduces Vaults as a new type of dungeon, with a total of four variations and will end with a giant “death room”. You can find improved rewards in Nightmare versions of the Vaults, which will become available in World Tier 3.

On January 19th, Blizzard is set to unveil patch notes detailing class balance changes. The strategy involves implementing two updates per season for class balance adjustments. The first patch will be at the beginning of the season, followed by a second round of tuning in the middle of the season. During the stream, they revealed that the Barbarian is receiving significant improvements to Charge. Buffs are coming to the Sorcerer’s Meteor and Elemental Summoner.

Rogue will undergo numerous updates to enhance ranged builds and make them more enjoyable. Druid will receive buffs for certain Spirit Boons, and the Necromancer’s Blood and Iron Golems will now attack in a small area, similar to the Bone Golem.

As mentioned, the Gauntlet and Leaderboard will not be available directly at the start of Season 3 because “We want players to actually go through the season and actually grow and learn the season with their character before we actually launch the leaderboards” shared by Adam Fletcher, Community Lead Diablo Franchise. They will become available sometime after the season begins. The Gauntlet Dungeon and Leaderboards will be updated weekly.

Diablo 4 Leaderboard

We also received a sneak peek at the new premium Battle Pass rewards. They include the Awoken Clockwork Equid Mount, Awoken Spheral Barding Mount, and the Awoken Adamant Armor Set for all five classes. Additionally, there are weapon transmogs, emotes, town portals, and 700 platinum.

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