Diablo 4 Seeks Monetization Expert

In today’s age of games, it’s not enough just to release a game and leave it there. We regularly see so-called ‘Battle passes’ or other means of income for the publisher (such as microtransactions). Diablo 3 also had this in the beginning with an auction house, but it did not turn out as they had hoped. They have now learned from that, which is why Blizzard is now looking for a monetization expert

Blizzard Entertainment Commercial leader Chris Paulson posted on Linkedin the following Job appointment:
I’m on the hunt for an incredible business leader to define and execute the Diablo IV business model and post-launch live service, Come join us! Blizzard Entertainment.

The link from his post went to the following application:

Director / Senior Director, Busniess Perforamce – Diablo.
We are on a quest to find a legendary Director/Senior Director, Business Performance who is a master of their craft to support the Diablo franchise. The ideal candidate will partner with the design leadership to define and execute the Diablo IV business model and post-launch live service approach and support other franchise topics. Importantly, they will have a deep understanding of and empathy for our players because they are a player themselves.


We don’t know a whole lot about Diablo’s revenue model, and to be honest, I don’t think Blizzard itself knows that at the moment.
What has now been confirmed is that Diablo will be sold as a game that also includes expansions.

But to keep a game alive, there must be some kind of revenue model in it than just selling the game itself and/or expansions.

You may be able to buy cosmetic things, or maybe something from a battle pass. in line with how games are now released, this is certainly not inconceivable.