Diablo 4 team yet to utilize revolutionary tech, but plans to enable it in the future

Although DirectStorage files are present in Diablo 4, the developers have confirmed that they do not utilize the revolutionary SSD technology. Yet. It is specifically intended for the future.

“MS DirectStorage is currently not enabled,”The Diablo team informs PC Gamer “but we are planning on enabling it in the future.”

Currently, only Luminous Productions’ Forspoken makes use of DirectStorage; Diablo IV is one of the only games with support for DirectStorage visible in the installer. Microsoft developed the DirectStorage software development kit as a subset of the DirectX API. Developers of video games may use this technology to achieve noticeably faster SSD read/write speeds. With the use of DirectStorage, game files are extracted directly from the GPU rather than the CPU, allowing for seamless conversion of textures and other assets into graphics.