Diablo 4 trading suspended: ‘Exploit users to face consequences’

Blizzard temporarily disabled all player trading within Diablo 4 as they investigate an exploit of item and gold duplication that could easily be exploited by two players. The method involved one player initiating a trade in Diablo 4 with another player, depositing items or gold into the trade slot, deliberately closing the client, and then logging back into the game. As a result, the items or gold would reappear in the initiating player’s inventory while also remaining in the recipient player’s possession.

Due to the significant impact this exploit could have on the in-game economy, Blizzard made the decision to suspend all player trading until further notice. In response to this situation, players who took advantage of the exploit will face consequences which may include bans or suspensions.

Suspension of Trading Notice
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Blizzard made it clear on Reddit that only players who intentionally abused the duplication method will get in trouble. Those who accidentally traded duplicated items or gold won’t be punished. Blizzard will let players know when the exploit is fixed with a hotfix. Once that’s done, trading between players in Diablo 4 will go back to normal.

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