Vessel of Hatred

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred Leaked survey “is very concerning”

When Blizzard announced the first expansion for Diablo 4, Vessel of Hatred they didn’t provide a key detail: the price of the expansion. Blizzard is still figuring out the pricing details. A leaked survey, shared by Bellular News on YouTube, reveals that Blizzard is exploring various price points and what each tier would offer.

In Vessel of Hatred, players will exploreDiablo 2’s jungle world, Nahantu, and confront Mephisto, the Prime Evil who abducted our comrade following the events of the base game. Blizzard has stated that the main storyline of Diablo 4 will only progress through major expansions, not seasonal updates. The leaked (shared by Bellular News) survey presents four price options: $50, $70, $80, and $100.

Each tier includes access to Vessel of Hatred, but higher-priced tiers come with additional perks. Bellular News says some suggested bonuses are concerning, such as early access to significant features, game-changing content, and even NPC companions introduced in Vessel of Hatred. The more expensive tiers may provide access to these features an entire season before the general release.

Other standard extras include Platinum bonuses (Diablo 4’s premium currency), premium battle passes, cosmetic items like wings and town portal skins, and a set amount of Platinum every season for higher tiers. The survey also mentions early access to the expansion, a practice already implemented at the launch of Diablo 4. There are also familiar elements, such as a ‘Hero Skin’ – a cosmetic armor set with multiple variations – and the addition of different mounts. Higher-priced tiers not only grant a unique mount but also allow its appearance to evolve with achievements.

It’s good to note that this survey has been leaked, and as of now, the prices mentioned may not be the final ones.