Diablo Immortal gets update: ‘Maybe we are not too far away from a beta’

The Diablo Immortal Google Play page was updated on September 14th, after updates on august 24th and august 26th. Also, at the same time the Tap.io (Tap Tap) Diablo Immortal page was also updated. This means that the Android client has been updated for Blizzard and NetEase employees to continue playtesting.

Diablo Immortal, the mobile MMO ARPG, may not have had the best start, mainly because there was no clear communication when this game would actually be released.
Now the Diablo Immortal Google Play page has been updated recently after it was also changed in August.

At the same time, the page on Tap.io (Tap Tap) has also been adjusted. It says September 15, but this is because Shanghai is 12 and 15 hours ahead of New York and Los Angeles

At the moment many people are still working at home, so it may be that Blizzard cooperates in this way to download the app.
Which does mean that the internal test is not over yet.

Rhykker, respected Diablo YouTuber, said the following about this update: “I do suspect that this has implications that things are happening, things are heating up. And maybe we’re not too far away from external testing starting.”he said in his September 19 video.“whether that’s going to be closed beta under NDA or otherwise open beta”.

Diablo Immortalis a mobile MMO ARPG currently planned for iPhone and Android devices. We want it to include all the things you know and love about Diablo: multitudes of monsters to slay, troves of loot to collect and customize, and powerful classes to play with friends or on your own.