Final Fantasy 14’s director wants a Diablo crossover

Final Fantasy 14 has a history of engaging in partnerships with various games such as Monster Hunter and Fall Guys. In an interview with PC Gamer, the director, Naoki Yoshida, expresses a strong desire to collaborate with Blizzard’s Diablo, a game he admires. However, he acknowledges the challenge due to Diablo’s notably darker and more intense aesthetic, as they want to ensure they meet the expectations of their fans.

FF 14 isn’t entirely free from dark stuff like spooky looks and eerie stories, but it’s not as dark as Diablo, and Yoshida knows that: “Diablo has quite, like, I would say hardcore graphics outlook in terms of the world,” he said. “So you know, you see spikes here and there. In terms of the ratings, it might be a bit difficult. And of course, on the other hand, we don’t really want to disappoint fans of the franchise as well. So yeah, it’s a tricky one.”

Yoshida joked that perhaps instead of trying to bring Final Fantasy 14 gore levels up, maybe it could knock Blizzard’s down a few pegs. “So of course, if we go for a softer version of Diablo in 14… of course, maybe that’s not what people want as well.”