Former Game Directors have silently left Blizzard after Starcraft shooter cancellation

Old StarCraft 2 Lead Designer en Heroes of the Storm Game Director Dustin Browder, former Hearthstone Director Eric Dodds, and former Hearthstone production director Jason Chayes have apparently left Blizzard Entertainment, as was reported by Kotaku. The veteran developers left the company silently after the StarCraft shooter with codename Ares which was in development got cancelled. Apparently, both Browder and Dodds were working on the game before its shutdown.

“Yes, Eric, Dustin, and Jason made the decision to move on from Blizzard a few months ago. They have been and always will be considered members of the Blizzard family, and we’ve loved working with them over the years. We wish them the best for the future,” Blizzard confirmed in a statement.

We are surprised that the departure of such high-profile members of Blizzard has gone unnoticed by many and they will be missed by the fan base. Not only for their great work on our favorite franchises, but their positive attitude as well. Blizzard’s leadership is changing a lot lately, and this is another sign of it.