Jason Schreier to release book about past, present and future of Blizzard Entertainment

World famous gaming journalist, Jason Schreier has shared on X/Twitter that his next book will be called PLAY NICE: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Blizzard Entertainment. In this book he will go through the 33-year history of the company.

Schreier states that Blizzard Entertainment is one of gamings most fascinating companies. For the book het interviewed over 350+ people, to tell the story how two UCLA students built a video game empire. He will cover the entire history of the company, from the rise of World of Warcraft, to the Activision takeover, the sexual misconduct scandal and now, the $69 million acquisition. The book will release on October 8th and you can pre-order the book through this link.

Blizzard Entertainment has a rich history and Schreier seems the perfect journalist to cover the road the company took up until this point. Jason Schreier is known for his investigative journalism in gaming, getting stories other journalists normally don’t get. He was one of the main sources that employees trusted to tell their story about misconduct at the company, so it will be interesting to read Jason’s point of view.