LEAK! Blizzard blunders with Diablo 4 video: Rathma has been confirmed

During the announcement trailer of Diablo 4 we saw a pale man, many people speculated who this would be, but in fact, it turns out to be Rathma … the son of Lilith

Some people thought it would be Rathma, but if we look deeply into Diablo’s lore, this would not make sense.
But now YouTuber Teko has found this leak. He downloaded the cinematic file from the Blizzard server and loaded it into Adobe Premiere, and discovered that a marker had been left in the video.

This metadata explicitly indicated that the Pale Man would be Rathma.

It says here: Added 6055 for reflection of rathma in clerics eyes

Blizzard’s stupid mistake? We see that the file is full of metadata, something that normally has to be taken out right away with a final export