New Shadowlands expansion and 8.3 The Siege of Stormwind raid leaked?

With Blizzcon coming in less than two months, the rumor mills are starting to turn. Leaks are coming through all different places, now we have found one that looks rather credible on the mmo-champion forums.

The leak shared two pictures and a lot of text explaining what will happen to Sylvanas, what the next raid will be, and how everything will lead up to the next expansion which revolves around the Shadowlands.

Buckle up everyone, this will be an exciting ride.

First up the two images. The first one is supposed to be a still of a cinematic and people seem to think it is legit because of a couple reasons. The color correction and style is in line with previous trailers, for example the Darkshore one. The models are from in-game characters, as well as the boats. The water looks the same style Blizzard uses, and the effects look so well made, and so authentic, if a fake leaker would make this, congrats dude, you have talent.

Check out the image below.

The leaked map that is shown in the image below, is supposed to be a work in progress map, which was shown at a pitch about 1 to 2 years ago.
The map should be representative for the final design, but will differ a bit.

Ok, now for the lore part. This will get insane. The entire leak is way more extensive than we are writing up below, but we want to give you a short summary of what will happen. If you are ready to read for a while, be sure to check out the post on mmo-champion by clicking this sentence.

This is our summary, BUT BEWARE FOR SPOILERS. If the info is true, you will be spoiled:

According to the leaker, we have seen the final boss of BFA, but it isn’t Azshara or N’Zoth, they will be spared for the next expansion.
In the final shot of the Azshara kill cinematic, we see the leaders of the Alliance and Horde standing in the boss room.
This is metaphorical, meaning we are actually the enemies.

Sylvannas will let everyone think she will attack thunder bluff, but instead she will go for Stormwind, while no one sees this coming.
This will be a 10-boss raid, within Elwynn and the city itself, acompanied by a 40-player battleground.

In the raid, Horde and Alliance players fight alongside important lore characters and leaders from both factions.
Sylvanas has already taken Stormwind at this point. The raid is about defeating Sylvanas and reclaiming Stormwind.

Inside the raid you will face some insane bosses. One of them will be Anduin, whom we have to free from the spell of the old gods.
Wrathion will show up during this figt, while N’Zoth is doing everything he can to keep us from reaching Sylvanas.

The 8th boss is Nathanos, whom eventually gets beheaded by Tyrande. The penultimate boss will be Sylvanas. In the harbor, she will be waiting for the players.
She will be the first part of a big finally. lliance and Horde will fight side by side against Sylvanas until Bolvar eventually appears and starts killing Horde leaders – first to go is Lor’themar. Bolvar will then side with Taelia and the Alliance. Sylvanas will shoot Genn in response, prompting the intermission.
During the intermission, all of the Horde leaders will rejoin Sylvanas. Genn dies, and Anduin and Jaina declare war on the Horde. The final fight begins.

The final boss is ‘The Horde’ or ‘The Alliance’. This encounter is cosmetically unique to each faction, but strategically identical. Horde will win once Anduin is dead, and Alliance will win once Sylvanas is dead.

In the end, everybody dies, even the players, and only Sylvanas and Anduin will be left standing. Whomever wins, is decided by your faction, but it the end even the victor will die.
Helya will enter the harbor with her fleet, and the players will wake up in the Shadowlands.

Sylvannas declares, we are now finally strong enough for the real Battle for Azeroth.

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