Overwatch 2 will be announced at Blizzcon, why we need it

With Blizzcon right around the corner, we are speculating what Blizzard wants to show us at Blizzcon 2019. In this video we will explain why we believe that Blizzard will announce Overwatch 2 this time around, and why it is so very needed for the franchise.

So first of all, we have to note a very important article by Kotaku, which was written by Jason Schreier. If you are not familiar with him, he is know for his insider information being correct and having trustworthy source on these matters.

In his article he states that multiple employees have told him that a Starcraft First Person Shooter has been cancelled to get more developers to work on Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. These projects will be the new flagships that Blizzard wants to focus on for the next years to come. From what they have heard, Overwatch 2 will have a very large PVE element, which is being compared to Left 4 Dead.

Next to that, popular Overwatch leaker Metro has spilled the beans on what will be announced at Blizzcon 2019. According to him, we will get a Diablo 2 Remaster and Diablo 4 announcement and Overwatch 2. Metro has a reliable source who told him last year that Ashe would be announced. To prove his source to be legit, he explained all abilities of her on his Twitter and going more in depth on his live stream.

He recently leaked that Overwatch 2 will be announced at Blizzcon this year. As previously stated by Kotaku, a PvE element will be the focus of Overwatch 2. The game will have a PvE and PvP element though. According to him the game will be called Overwatch 2 and won’t be an expansion. Which is strange considering that Blizzard thinks of Overwatch as an always evolving game.

So what will the game look like according to him. At Blizzcon, in the opening cinematic we will see a lot of heroes showcased and most ironically Mei will get in trouble and a Young Genji will save her. Tracer and Winston will also play a huge part in the cinematic. Gameplay wise, leveling your heroes will actually change their skills. Tracer, for example, will get a stronger version of her pulse bomb which spreads to multiple targets when she sticks it on an enemy.

That is everything he wanted to share at this point, but let’s dive into why it’s important that we get an Overwatch 2 instead of endless updates.

Even when the first game was in development, players have asked for a PvE mode to progress further in with these awesome characters Blizzard has created. We saw some of these, but they came and went with some events. During Halloween we have the Dr. Junkenstein PvE mode for example, and during the anniversary events we get a slice of Overwatch lore. These are always extremely popular among fans, and people try to get the quickest time possible with the weirdest compositions possible. This not only shows there is interest from the public in more PvE modes, it also shows there is an extensive amount of Overwatch lore which is not being used, or at least in playable modes. The lore is hidden in voice lines, and map design, which is really awesome. We LOVE that about Overwatch, but there is so much more to do with all these characters and their backstory.

The launch of Overwatch was basically a test for Blizzard to see if they could create a first person shooter game and make it work. In short, they could and they did. The game was a massive success, making up to 1 billion dollars for Activision Blizzard in the first six months after release! It was Blizzards fastest growing franchise, which isn’t only shown by revenue. Even going to conventions like Gamescom op E3, you still see people dressed up as their favorite characters years after release.

So why create an Overwatch 2 and not just expand the Overwatch universe like they are doing now? Overwatch has been out for a while now, and the release schedule has become a bit stale and most of all, predictable. Each time we get a new hero, a new map, maybe a new event, but nothing more. Old events are getting re-used each year, leaving no surprise for the players. This also shows that Blizzard has pulled a decent amount of the developers of off the original Overwatch to work on the new project. If the original team would still be working on the original game, we would get more creative updates, probably.

Overwatch doesn’t need a simple update that’s like: Oh well, here is PvE, enjoy. The game needs something completely new to spike everyones attention. Player numbers have shrunk throughout the years and people aren’t coming back for a new map to play on, or a new hero to try. Fans of the franchise, just like me, need something completely new to sink their teeth into, with a new name, within the franchise. If this will be called Overwatch 2, or something completely different, we don’t know, but we do believe that a new game will attract more people than a new patch.

In a sense, Overwatch 2 is already being implemented within the game. The game as it is right now, looks nothing compared to the game that released in may 2016. Especially the role lock system, which got implemented recently, shows that Blizzard is willing to change things to make Overwatch work. At first, their stance was firm on being able to play whatever you want, whenever you want. Overwatch was all about swapping heroes on the fly to counter each other, and Blizzard has come back from this.

What do you guys think, and more importantly, what do you guys want? Are you looking forward to a PvE Overwatch game. Will this make you return to the game, or are you completely done with the franchise, or just happy to keep defeating other players in the PvP modes? Let us know!