World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

Questie will not be showing new Runes in phase 1 of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery

The people behind the popular Questie addon for WoW Classic are determined to keep the excitement alive for the upcoming Season of Discovery.

The Season of Discovery, announced at Blizzcon, will transform the original Classic experience by introducing new areas and a wealth of content within a familiar setting.

A key addition in the Season of Discovery is the introduction of Runes. These Runes grant players new powers when engraved on their gear, allowing for unique playstyles and roles for each class. Discovering these Runes and completing associated challenges or puzzles will be a crucial part of the overall gaming experience.

In a recent Reddit post, the developers of Questie pledged to preserve the integrity of the Season of Discovery. Specifically, Questie will refrain from revealing the location of any Runes while the level cap is at 25. Once the game progresses to its second phase with a level cap of 40, Questie will then display the Rune locations up to level 25. This approach ensures that the addon remains one phase behind, preventing spoilers for the main feature of Season of Discovery.

Questie will NOT be showing new Runes in Season of Discovery
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