Redditor: Blizzard Banning Players again for Trading in Diablo 4

Multiple reports from both official forums and Reddit indicate that Blizzard is issuing bans for trading in Diablo 4. Despite no official statement from Blizzard about these recent suspensions in Diablo 4, players across various platforms are sharing instances of their accounts being closed.

New ban wave?
byu/mrlow7919 indiablo4

On August 15, Blizzard responded by deactivating player trading as a response to the exploitation of a gold and item duplication glitch. Even following the release of Patch 1.1.2, the trading function continued to be assessed. This method implicated a player in Diablo 4 initiating a trade with another player, adding items or gold into the trade slot, purposefully closing the game client, and then logging back in. The outcome was the reappearance of the items or gold in the inventory of the initiating player, while still being retained by the recipient. Presently, after implementing a backend solution, Blizzard has re-enabled trading in Diablo 4.