Riot flames Blizzard in 10th Anniversary video

Riot put the ‘s’ in Riot Games this week with a ton of game announcements, including TFT coming to mobile phones. In their mobile announcement, Riot decided to fire some shots at Blizzard for last years Blizzcon. At last years Blizzcon, Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal and during a panel got the question if the game might come to PC. The developers reacted a bit surprised and asked the public: “Do you guys not have phones?” Ouch… You can check out this harsh moment by clicking this sentence.

In their latest developer update, Riot explained more about TFT coming to mobile, a feature fans are happy about, since they can play their PC game on the go. Riot decided to fire some shots at Blizzard during the announcement. At about 1:37 she says the following: “It turns out you do have phones.” Jesus Riot, you didn’t have to do them like that.

Check out the statement below.

We think players are fine with mobile games, or adaptations of their favorite franchises coming to mobile. The recent announcements by Riot have shown this, but their needs to be a bigger announcement for the hardcore audience as well to keep backlash from happening. Diablo Immortal coming to mobile phones would have been fine, if Diablo 4 would have been announced as well. We are curious to see what Blizzard has in store for us at Blizzcon, and if they have seen the comments Riot has made. Did Riot just start a war?