Starfield Fans concerned as Bethesda brings back paid mods in Skyrim

Bethesda introduces Bethesda Game Studios Creations, a platform for Skyrim: Special Edition featuring a paid mod marketplace. Starfield fans express concern, speculating on potential monetization strategies.

Bethesda recently unveiled Bethesda Game Studios Creations, a new platform that lets players explore and enjoy user-created content. This includes a paid mod marketplace, combining the Creation Club and mods under a “verified creator” section, allowing creators to earn money from their mods in Skyrim: Special Edition.

The announcement has sparked controversy, especially among Starfield fans, who fear that Bethesda might implement a similar system for the upcoming space adventure game. Some fans on Reddit view this move as Bethesda “testing the waters” for future monetization strategies.

Official paid mods
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As Bethesda prepares to release the Creation Kit for Starfield in 2024, fans worry about the potential implications of introducing a paid mod system in the new game.


Critics argue that while paid mods may financially benefit creators, they could negatively affect the long-term appeal of the game. Some players highlight the importance of free mods in enhancing and fixing Bethesda’s games, suggesting that the introduction of paid mods is seen as a step up in Bethesda’s ongoing efforts to monetize their games, building on their experimentation with this model since 2015.

Bethesda has implemented a mod marketplace into Skyrim.
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