Todd Howard reveals Starfield Shattered Space will launch this fall

Todd Howard announced in an interview with Kinda Funny Games today that Starfield Shattered Space will launch this fall, along with a “smaller update” for the game coming later this week.

Bethesda has been focusing a lot on Fallout lately, especially with the popular Prime Video series. Last week, Todd Howard reassured us that they’re still working on Starfield, and today, we got even more news.

During his chat on The Kinda Funny Gamescast with Greg Miller, Howard announced that the game’s story expansion is coming in fall 2024.

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When discussing the upcoming game update featuring “a lot of ship-building,” Miller asked if this was for the big update, Shattered Space. Howard clarified, saying:

“This is a separate update. Shattered Space is in the fall, but we have a big update that’s coming really soon for Starfield.”

Todd Howard also mentioned that the Creation Kit for Starfield has been sent to creators. Although he couldn’t confirm a release date for the full game, he stated:

“We’ve delivered it [the Creation Kit] to some people, some of our creators for Starfield; you’re going to hear some information about that soon. Don’t have a date to announce on when its full release is coming.”

Are you excited for Starfield: Shattered Space?