Starfield may come to PlayStation 5

Insiders from Xbox indicate a groundbreaking shift in Microsoft’s strategy, suggesting that Starfield will be available on PlayStation 5.

According to sources at XboxEra, Microsoft is planning to release Starfield on PlayStation 5 after the launch of the “Shattered Space” expansion for Xbox and PC, scheduled for later this year. The report also notes that Microsoft has increased its investment in PlayStation 5 development kits to support ongoing efforts, intensifying speculation.


Bethesda’s Indiana Jones and the Great Circle might also come to PS5 a few months after launching on Xbox. The Verge says the company is deciding which games stay exclusive and which ones may later come to Switch or PS5: “with the company weighing up which titles will remain exclusive and others that will appear on Switch or PS5 in the future. Indiana Jones appears to be part of this new wave of multi-platform games.”

During the FTC v. Microsoft case last year, it was revealed that the game was initially intended for various consoles. Pete Hines, testified that Disney initially had a multi-console contract, which was later altered to make it an exclusive for Xbox after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush are reportedly being considered for cross-platform play. Microsoft is also exploring the idea of bringing more Xbox games to other gaming consoles.

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