Starfield’s first DLC Shattered Space could be revealed soon

Starfield fans have something to be excited about – it looks like the first story expansion, Shattered Space, could be available soon on Steam.

A mysterious app surfaced on Starfield‘s Steam page earlier this week, sparking anticipation that the eagerly awaited DLC could be officially disclosed soon.

Since its launch, Starfield has witnessed a decline in player numbers. Fans of Bethesda’s space-themed RPG are eagerly awaiting details about the game’s inaugural major expansion, Shattered Space.

Insider Gaming discovered the Steam page for Starfield undergoing preparations for a potential add-on. This development suggests that something significant is on the horizon for the RPG.


The unidentified app made its appearance on Steam just days ago and is now visible in the DLC section of the page, strongly indicating it could be the long-awaited Shattered Space expansion. With its presence on Steam, there’s a possibility that Bethesda might not delay the release long after the official reveal. However, the studio has yet to announce when they plan to unveil the content of the DLC.