Sylvanas’ ultimate plan revealed, will she control N’Zoth eventually?

After the cinematics that got released with patch 8.2.5, which looked amazing, we started to think what all of it could mean for World of Warcraft. Some speculations have already been thrown around in the recent weeks, regarding the factions coming together and these new storylines have proven this to be true.

In the cinematics we saw how Anduin and other members of the Alliance came together with Saurfang, Thrall and members of the Horde, to go and finish the 4th War. They marched to the gates of Orgrimmar to face Sylvanas. There would not be a single scenario in which innocent lives wouldn’t be sacrificed, except for Mak’gora. Saurfang challenges Sylvanas to a one-versus-one fight and ultimately loses. We believe Saurfang new he didn’t have a chance against Sylvanas. He is a strong and wise, but also very old warrior. Sylvanas is a very strong being, whom is also the current wielder of Xal’Atath. Sylvanas beats Saurfang, but makes the mistake of revealing that she does not care about the Horde at all, or does she?

Sylvanas flees from Orgrimmar, leaving the Alliance and Horde more united than ever before. She only brings with her a group of loyalists that still support her cause. But what is her cause? In the recent storylines we learn that Sylvanas has never swayed from her true cause, which is serving Death. She says: “Even though the war has ended prematurely, thousands of souls have been fed to the hungering darkness.” What if, Sylvanas planned to unite the Horde and the Alliance, so she could face them all together. When everyone unites and groups up, she has more souls to claim for Death.

The most important part of all cinematics, is the conversation Sylvannas has with a loyalist below.

But how will she accomplish this? Is she strong enough to face Azeroth on her own? Probably not, but she has other forces working for her. We learned that Sylvanas made a pact with Azshara and she is using her to get to N’Zoth. She wants N’Zoth to lay waste to Azeroth, claiming all the souls for Death, or Darkness. She also claims that in the end even N’Zoth will serve Death. This seems highly unlikely, but Sylvanas has pulled of greater stunts. What is important to note, is that she is in possession of Xal’Atath. Xal’Atath, is the Blade of the Black Empire, which can imprison an old god. What if Sylvanas gets to use the weapon on N’Zoth to imprison him, and use the power of the powerful old god?

It seems that Sylvanas is playing 4D chess with the entire world, and outsmarting them all.

In the meantime, we are also worries the Alliance and Horde coalition will not stand for long, since Tyrande is ignoring Anduin at all times. A conflict is brewing between the Alliance leaders as well.

All in all, this is extremely exciting and interesting for World of Warcraft. The rumors that the game will change massively in the next expansion are getting more roots by the patch. What do you guys think, is Sylvanas playing 4D chess, eventually even besting N’Zoth?