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Blizzard is eliminating Layering Abuse in WoW Classic

Layering has been a problem since the launch of World of Warcraft: Classic. But what exactly is Layering? Layering (WoW Classic) is an alternative to the sharding technology (WoW Retail). Sharding distributes players in different versions of zones determined by the population for that zone, to ensure that there is …

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Layering exploiters will get punished, Blizzard explains

You must have read it everywhere on the internet by now, but if you haven’t, be sure to read our article on the layering exploit and how a group of players used it to gain a massive advantage. In short, people used layering in dungeons to reset bosses and gain …

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WoW Classic Players abuse layering exploit and earn up to 100k gold

World of Warcraft Classic players have found an exploit using layering to get an insane amount of gold and all the items they need from bosses, to get pre raid BIS already. Reddit user Odelschwank posted on the forums that he and his party found a way to reset the …

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