The Diablo Legacy team is official

Diablo Legacy is official, it’s the renamed Diablo 3 team.
The goal at Blizzard was to bring all the Diablo team under the leadership of Rod Fergusson alongside the Diablo and Diablo 4 team.

Former community Diablo manager Kimberly Crone posted the following on Twitter.

“The minions of Hell grow stronger… I’ve returned to sanctuary!
I’ve joined the Diablo Legacy team as a 3D Artist, and am *thrilled* to take up an artistic role in a franchise that means so much to me. (Queue the celebratory fan art!)”

Now you may wonder, what is the Diablo Legacy team? Well, Blizzard employee PezRader dropped a lot of info on Reddit under the post.

He stated: “Diablo Legacy is kinda newish. It’s the renamed D3 team. They were part of the Classics team, but now since Rod Fergusson is here (EP for the Diablo franchise), the goal was to bring Diablo teams under his leadership so they are now referred to as Diablo Legacy that sits alongside Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 teams.”

So now we know, officially, that Diablo 3 was part of the Classic Games team. There was an unofficial confirm when the Nintendo Switch version of Diablo 3 was released.

Certain to say that they are also working on other projects than just Diablo 3.