Warcraft movie

The Warcraft movie has an unfortunate record despite its $439 million box office success

According to Screenrant.com, the Warcraft movie has an unfortunate record despite its $439 million box office success.

Warcraft did, despite mixed reviews, well at the global box office with $439 million in earnings. Even though it struggled in the U.S. with only $47.3 million, international audiences loved the game adaptation, bringing in over $391 million. The movie is all about the first meeting of humans and orcs, led by Lothar and Durotan.

For us, it was a joy to watch the characters we know and love come to life on the big screen and pinpoint all the little and big Easter eggs we could find.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (with 1.361 Billion ranked number one at the list) and Pokémon Detective Pikachu ($450 Million at place two) are in the works for sequels. In contrast, Warcraft 2 lacks active plans making Warcraft as the top-grossing video game movie without a sequel ($439 Million).

At BlizzCon, IGN had a chat with Holly Longdale and John Hight, to discuss what’s in store for the series. When the conversation shifted to streaming and theaters, IGN asked whether Warcraft might venture into TV shows or if a new movie is on the horizon:

“That was one of the big reasons why we’ve somewhat reorganized as the Warcraft Universe.” Hight said. “Holly is part of the leadership team for that, so she’s not just overseeing WoW, that’s her baby, but she also contributes to some of the strategic decisions we have about where we want to go next. We have a full greenlight process for Warcraft. We take pitch ideas from across the team, and we also have things we like to do. Everything begins with somebody’s passion – ‘I would like to chase this’ or ‘I believe in this.’ Then we say, ‘Okay, how does that enhance Warcraft? How does that work for Warcraft? Does it make sense for us to make a game in this genre for players that play other Warcraft games like WoW ?’”.

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