[VIDEO] Huge Classic WoW World PvP event occurred while protecting Kungen

Last night, a huge spontaneous World PvP event occurred while guilds were trying to gank, and protect, Kungen. The popular WoW streamer left Twitch for quite some time, but has now returned with Classic and to great success. Kungen still manages to pull a ton of people to his stream, but with that attention, some players might want to gank him. This was exactly what happened.

The guild Salad Bakers decided to gank Kungen, but the guild Grind didn’t want the Warrior to get hurt. They flanked the gankers to help protect the content creator. This caught the attention of APES, the guild that made a name for themselves in the private community and for killing Ragnaros and Onyxia within the first week of release. They decided they wanted a piece of the pie as well, which started an enormous fight. Check out the footage below from different POV’s. The second video is from Kungens POV, which looks very cool.

This is what Classic is all about. We can’t wait for all players to get high level and meet each other in the world to fight!