Warcraft 2 Movie rumors spark after Chris Metzen tweet

According to rumors, a sequel to Warcraft is in development at Legendary Pictures. This news comes from Daniel Ritchman, whom is known for having scoops. He says Warcraft 2 is in development, mainly because the movie did really well in Asia.

Loremaster Chris Metzen linked to an article in the tweet and added: “Hmm..”, sparking the rumors even more. Metzen as of now is no longer part of Blizzard Entertainment, but used to work on lore at the company and was the voice of a lot of characters in the game, one of which being Thrall. See his Tweet below.

In the first Warcraft movie we saw how the orcs came to Azeroth after Gul’Dan wants to escape their dying world. He opens the dark portal to Azeroth and the Orcs move through, causing a war to erupt between the humans and orcs. The movie was helmed by Duncan Jones, who also co-wrote it together with Charles Leavitt.

The movie was a bit of a box office disappointment in the west, earning only $47,4 million in the US, while earning $439 million world wide thanks to the Chinese audience. It seems that the Chinese audience are a big part that Legendary is giving Warcraft a second movie.