World of Warcraft Classic: Best Addons You Need to Get

World of Warcraft Classic has become a staple in the MMORPG space. Fans old and new have flocked to the game to either play the once most popular version of WoW of all time, Wrath of the Lich King, try to get to level 60 without dying in Hardcore, or enjoy themselves in a new version of the game with Season of Discovery. Across all these versions of the game there is one common denominator, Addons.

Addons are a way to add something to your game to increase your gameplay experience, change the UI to a design you prefer, or make some more money on the Auction House. Since there are almost an unlimited amount of Addons to find, we made a list with our favorite ones to help you get started on your World of Warcraft Classic journey.

Where can you download World of Warcraft Classic Addons

First up, it’s important to know where you can download the Addons for World of Warcraft. The main app that we use is called Curseforge. This is a very easy to use program that instantly recognises where you downloaded the game, and let’s you search and download Addons very easy. You can download Curseforge over at their website.

The Best Addons for World of Warcraft Classic

1. Questie

There is one main things that World of Warcraft Classic is known for, and loved for by many, and that is the sometimes very vague quests. In the olden days we had no tools to look up which way to go for a quest. When the quest giver told you ‘please kill ten farmers somewhere to the North East”, you just had to find the place yourself. Questie points you in the right direction, by showing you where the Quests should be completed on your map. The Addon also shows you where you can pick up new quests and deliver your completed ones. If you want the authentic Classic experience, be sure to now download Questie, but if you want a more streamlined adventure, be sure to check out Questie.

2. Bagnon

One of my pet peeves in World of Warcraft Classic is the bags for your inventory, that only open one by one. In Retail World of Warcraft there is already an option to open all bags at once and show them in one screen, but Classic doesn’t have that. In order to open all your bags at once and show them in a big pile, you have to get an Addon. For players that want their entire UI changed, you can take a look at downloading ElvUI, but for players that just want their inventory improved, be sure to take a look at Bagnon.

3. Weakauras

One of my favorite Addons over the years is Weakauras. This is the most versatile Addon of all. Weakauras give players the option to create new features for the game that help you massively. Most players use Weakauras to get a better view of your classes’ cooldowns and mana, rage or energy management. World of Warcraft Classic doesn’t really help you with that, but there are players that design beautiful and helpfull elements that help you during your adventure. Next to Class Weakaura’s, players also make alerts for boss fights and encounters, but since Classic is fairly simple, you probably won’t need them.

4. Auctionator

Making money in World of Warcraft Classic isn’t easy, but you can make it a bit easier on yourself by using the Auction House. At the Auction House you can sell the items you have found in the world, or buy items and sell them again if you think they are posted on a fairly low price. Playing the Auction House is a game in of itself and you can make that a bit easier. When you download Auctionator, the Addon changes the layout of the Auction House and helps you set a price for your items to be competitive in the market. This Addon wil make you a lot of money if you use it well!

5. Details Damage Meter

Doing damage, healing your alies and tanking a boss, can be a challenge of itself, especially if you constantly want to get better at doing so. If you want to know how well you are doing, you need to download Details Damage Meter. This Addon shows you how much damage you are doing and how you compare to others in your group. When you get to raiding, you can compare your damage to other players over at and learn from their rotations and gameplay. Details also has a very handy tool that shows your Threat towards and enemy. You don’t want to grab the attention of the boss, so having this meter in sight is very handy, since as soon as you grab over the boss, you will get smacked.

6. A couple bonus Addons

Above you can find the five Addons we would always use in World of Warcraft Classic, so be sure to check them out, but we also want to tell you about a couple extra Addons. You could take a look at Atlasloot. This Addon shows you what loot you can get in a Dungeon or Raid, so you know which dungeons you can run to maybe get an upgrade. When running a dungeon, some bosses will have mechanics. If you want more help with that, take a look at downloading Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs and LittleWigs. If you are looking to find the rare enemies of World of Warcraft, be sure to download RareScanner, an Addon that shows you a message when a rare find is nearby.

These are the Addons we would use in World of Warcraft Classic. Be sure to let us know which ones you use in the comments down below!