World of Warcraft Classic Best Addons

World of Warcraft: Classic is well underway and a lot of people have reached level 60 already, while even more are still trying to get the amazing achievement. We have been playing for more than a month now, and we noticed that our arsenal of add-ons keeps growing weekly. We wanted to list the add-ons we are using with you guys, in hopes they can help you get a better UI, make more Gold, or get a better experience in general.

These are our favourite add-ons, be sure to suggest your favourite add-ons on Facebook or down below!


The way your UI looks is very important, since that is the thing you will be looking at the entire time. A good looking and strategically placed UI can make your experience more comfortable and make you a better player. A good UI gives you all the information you need, in the most efficient way possible. We suggest using Elv UI, since this UI is the most complete, clean and has other Addons already installed which help you a lot. Setting up Elv UIcan be time consuming, but there are a lot of examples you can copy from. has a lot of cool ones made by the community, be sure to check them out.

Next to Elv UI we want to recommend using Wide Quest Log, which increases the size of your Quest Log so you don’t have to scroll the entire time. Bagnon is also great to use to have all your bags pop-ip in one frame, so you can put your items in a neat order and not get lost in your bags.

Getting more money starts with making small amounts, which means selling the items in your bags. First of all, make sure to have enough bag space to pick up grey items with value, but more importantly get quest items and greens that are worth a lot at the vendor. The game doesn’t tell you what the vendor will give you for an item, but the addon Vendor Price will. This is extremely handy when you complete a quest that doesn’t have any items you need. You simply pick the item which is worth the most!

Informative Addons and Gold Making

Titan Panel is a great addon to use while you are leveling or making gold. This addon can show you how much xp you are earning per hour, how much gold you are making, and make stuff like Durability of your items or the amount of gold you have immediately visible. This is great to have while leveling, but sometimes demotivating as well, when you see the amount of hours you have to play to get from 57 to 58, yikes.

With Auctioneer you get an addon which helps you buy and sell items on the auction house. It will not only make an auction for you, but also show you what an item is worth in the current economy of your server, by simply hovering over an item. Get this to make money in the auction house!

This is an example of what your UI could look like:


For questing you will want to download two addons. First of all you need Classic Codex. This addon marks the places on the map where you can find the items on mobs that drop the items you need. This is in similar fashion of what retail wow shows you. Some will consider this cheating or making Classic a worse experience, so download at your own risk. To complement the addon, you can download Azeroth Auto Pilot. This addon will literally give you an arrow which you can follow step-by-step to get all the way to 60. This can be pretty boring, since you get your adventure entirely mapped out already, so again, be careful when downloading this one.


For Combat there are a couple of add-ons you will want to get. First of all you want to know how much damage or healing you are doing. At this time, we feel dat Details is the best add-on for this. Next to that, you can download Details Threat Meter, to measure the threat everyone is doing. This is extremely handy for tanks. ClassicCastbars is also extremely helpful to see enemy mobs castbars. This will help you interrupt those nasty attacks from the fire elementals in Blackrock Depths.

To help you with your rotation and cooldowns, we suggest downloading Weakauras and get a string from for your class. Weakauras are pretty hard to configure, but there are people that will do the job for you, so use it!

With Atlasloot you can quickly see which boss drops what loot and immediately check out what that piece of armour will look like on your character. This will help you pinpoint which bosses are important for you, and which aren’t.

The last one is Leatrix, our favorite Addon. Leatrix is basically an add-on that gives you extra options in the game. You can turn on auto sell junk, auto repair and even auto dismount when using a spell (this is a big one). There are many more options, so be sure to check out what suits you best. There is also Leatrix Maps, with which you can see the entire map, even when you haven’t been there yet. We have found this extremely helpful.