Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Dev acknowledged the ongoing issues in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery

Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield has acknowledged the ongoing issues in Phase 3 of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.

Blizzard is actively working on addressing unexpected buffs and tuning adjustments for the most challenging activities in this phase. This indicates that the development team is aware of the community’s concerns and is actively working on solutions to improve the player experience. Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield mentioned that releasing updates on Thursdays poses a challenge, as it leaves the team with some issues that may need to be addressed over the weekend.

– Occasionally missing Loot in Dungeons in Era and SoD
– Issues interacting with quest objects in Nightmare Incursions
– Raid tuning, in particular Hakkar (adjustments were pushed for these already but we might need to make more changes here if it still seems out of reach for normal guilds).
– Various rune ability issues.

Boost to World of Warcraft Season of Discovery’s XP Bonus

Last week, Aggrend, the WoW Classic Game Producer, posted on the official World of Warcraft forum announcing a change of plans. The team recognized that Nightmare Incursions might be overshadowing other activities during the Season of Discovery as they are currently. Therefore, the classic team will be making an adjustment on Monday to enhance the XP bonus of Discoverer’s Delight.

This change will probably boost the XP bonus for levels 40-49 from 50% to around 75% or a bit higher.