World of Warcraft Patch 8.3 finally confirmed

World of Warcraft Patch 8.3 has been found by the patch sniffer, which means we can safely say the patch will come to the game. Earlier speculations suggested that BFA would end at patch 8.2.5, but the sniffer says otherwise.

The patch sniffer detected a change in the shops for the PTR which also happened for patch 8.2.5, as wowhead states. We have seen before that PTRs will come soon after the first vendor update. For Patch 8.2 we saw the encrypted build on april 4th and a content reveal on april 11th.

Datamining on the build cannot be done yet, since Blizzard is keeping this extremely secret and protected. After the ending of the war campaign everyone is curious what will happen now. Surely, we will fight Sylvanas at some point, but how will we see N’ Zoth and Azshara be involved once again? We have some theories on that right here.

The PTR should come close to Blizzcon or after, which means Blizzard could chose to reveal what will happen in retail WoW during the ceremony at Blizzcon. We believe that Blizzard will announce the next expansion and that they will announce a live stream in which we will learn more about 8.3. With BFA coming to a close, we need to see the next expansion, and showing us what will happen right after a live stream for 8.3, sounds like the right timing for us. They could announce patch 8.3 and the next expansion at Blizzcon as well, but that would spoil what will happen in 8.3.

What do you guys think, will we see 8.3 before, or during Blizzcon? Let us know down below or on Facebook.