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World of Warcraft player claims bots are reporting players

Bots have been causing issues in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery right from the start, and now a Redditor asserts that “Bots are now mass banning people”.

Someone on Reddit shared how they got banned for stopping a bot from farming kills. The bot reported the player, leading to a short ban. Blizzard is trying to deal with the bot issue, but it’s still a big problem in the latest World of Warcraft game. Developers are aware and working on it, but many players are still using bots.

Bots are now mass banning people
byu/Weareone6 inclassicwow

There have been consistent reports of a lot of bots in Season of Discovery. Mainly, they’re being used to gather valuable stuff to sell for in-game gold. Gold farmers sell this gold on other websites for real money. In the last month, Blizzard has taken action against almost 200,000 accounts. All these accounts are getting permanently banned.

The punishments handed out are mostly either six-month suspensions or permanent account terminations, all because of cheating and exploiting the game.

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  1. i got banned from ppl botting at hillsbrad foothills