World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book revealed by Blizzard

Blizzard had revealed a World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book, made by Matthew Reinhardt, who has also made books for LEGO, Marvel, Disney, DC, and more. The artbook highlights several main cities we all learned to love throughout the years. The book comes in a case, with a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer himself en Blizzard Senior Art Director Samwise Didier. You’ll also get a faction pin, and a large map of Azeroth which also serves as a desk mat.

The cities like Stormwind, Orgrimmar and even Zuldazar, will not be fully highlighted in the book, but you’ll get the best parts popping out. For Stormwind for example, you’ll see the Grand Cathedral, the keep and King Varian’s memorial. Check out the book in the images below.

Order your World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book here!


Will you try to get your hands on the book?