World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre patch imminent

The pre patch for World of Warcraft Shadowlands is imminent. Blizzard has warned players to do the tasks they want soon, especially in PvP since the season will end soon. The PvP season will end as soon as the pre patch arrives, but will transition in an “in-between” season in which you can still fight other players. The first Shadowlands PvP season will start shortly after release.

While Blizzard explained that the PvP season is ending, they also mentioned the pre patch is coming soon, meaning we might be playing the patch before October. The next reset, on the 29th of September, could be the date when the pre patch arrives.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands releases on the 27th October, giving us about a month to complete some tasks in BFA. Read this article by Blizzard to learn more about the changes coming and which tasks you should complete.