WoW Classic: Alliance Players are quitting the game, at least for now

The launch of World of Warcraft Classic Phase 2 hasn’t gone without trouble for Blizzard. Since the release of the honor system, players have turned into bloodthirsty vampires, always looking for their next kill. But instead of wanting blood, they want those juicy honor points.

This has been especially rough on PvP servers in which one faction outweighs the other. Most of the servers are Horde heavy populated, making the Alliance players an easy victim. This hasn’t been easy on them. Doing a simple task like farming for ores or herbs, or even walking to a dungeon, had become a dangerous task.

u/Razbam_Boozled on Reddit has done some research on the decline of players on his server Herod, which shows a decline in Alliance players. It seems that players are scared to log into the game, at least for now. When the battlegrounds release and the vampires will migrate towards their for some sweet honor, they might all return. You can read the thread right here, with some reactions of players regarding their discomfort with the situation.

Below you can see the decline of Alliance players on Herrod (NA), whom are sick of doing the corpse walk over and over again.

Be sure to look at this graph as well that is mentioned on Reddit. It shows a less dramatic decline of players and seems more accurate. Still, people seem to leave the game waiting for battelground to come.