WoW Classic has a huge botting problem, which is apparently hard to fix

WoW Classic has a huge botting problem, which is apparently hard to fix for Blizzard. Players rush to social media to show their displeasure with the issue since Phase 3 released, with little to no response by Blizzard.

While some accounts have received a ban, the majority of accounts are seemingly slipping through the cracks. Posts on Reddit are growing by the day, showing no sign of slowing down. The players making the posts are trying to earn their in-game gold and PvP ranks in a fair way, but competing with a but is simply impossible. One user on Reddit posted that the number one player on his server was live for about 50 hours playing Alterac Valley non-stop. You can’t compete with that. Next to that, people are using bots to farm gold, to make matters even worse.

Why are people using bots?

So the most important question of them all. Why would someone use a bot? The current state of WoW was made in mind with no changes, but by doing that, there were actually some changes to how Vanilla WoW was. Version 1.12 of Alterac Valley is way different than the first version that came out. In WoW Classic, we are playing the 1.12 version which gives better honor for killing the lieutenants, making AV the best version to get Honor Fast. Furthermore, the loot you get from being exalted is way too strong for the current Phase. The AV loot is good enough to be BiS untill Naxxramas comes out. About 15 years ago, when patch 1.12 came out, the gear was neglect able. Running AV was more for fun and games, than for blind honor and reputation hunting. Players just enjoyed fighting each other and summoning big bosses onto the map. Now, it’s all about the numbers. Which is said, since Warsong Gulch is getting played less as well.

Using a bot is never the answer. This is simply cheating your way to some pieces of gear sooner than the other people on your server. And we get it, if you don’t get punished it is tempting to use it. But let’s hope that in the end Blizzard catches all culprits.

Be sure to read more about the current state of Alterac Valley and how it differs from the old version, in this post by Reddit user Haptiix.

Taking matters into their own hands

Some players have decided to take matters into their own hands, punishing players that use bots. You can check out the video below for some laughs if you don’t like bots.

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