WoW: Corruption gear completely broken, level 5 weapon better than Mythic gear

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has recently introduced Corrupted gear which players can get rather randomly. The corruption stat can boost your gear, but also give some nasty side effects. Apparently, one of those side effect is making overpowered weapons that shouldn’t be used.

One of our friends found a blue ring from a World Quest with a corruption proc on it. The tank got a DPS increase of 15k. This shouldn’t be the case.

Next to that, we saw this tweet by Artunias, showcasing that a level 5 sword would be better than his mythic raiding gear. It’s all about the procs again, this time for corrupted gear.

With the mythic race starting today, these problems will for sure have a big impact on the guilds’ performances. Good luck to Limit in Texas and Method in Germany, in competing. We will be watching!

For some funny moments of tanks using Corrupted weapons and people getting one shot in Arena’s, check out the video below by Fronk.