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World of Warcraft Executives on potential new Warcraft movie: ‘We aim for consistency’

At BlizzCon, IGN had a chat with Holly Longdale and John Hight, to discuss what’s in store for the series. With the 20th-anniversary celebration on the horizon, everyone is eager to know if there are any major plans in the works.

When the conversation shifted to streaming and theaters, IGN inquired whether Warcraft might venture into TV shows or if a new movie is on the horizon. It’s been a while since Duncan Jones directed the first Warcraft movie in 2016, and there hasn’t been much talk about a follow-up film:

“That was one of the big reasons why we’ve somewhat reorganized as the Warcraft Universe.” Hight said. “Holly is part of the leadership team for that, so she’s not just overseeing WoW, that’s her baby, but she also contributes to some of the strategic decisions we have about where we want to go next. We have a full greenlight process for Warcraft. We take pitch ideas from across the team, and we also have things we like to do. Everything begins with somebody’s passion – ‘I would like to chase this’ or ‘I believe in this.’ Then we say, ‘Okay, how does that enhance Warcraft? How does that work for Warcraft? Does it make sense for us to make a game in this genre for players that play other Warcraft games like WoW ?'”.

During BlizzCon, Blizzcon introduced a new mobile game called Warcraft Rumble. In this game, you play as a commander leading a Mini army in battles against powerful bosses and famous characters from the Warcraft world. It’s a significant addition to the Warcraft universe, and they were careful with the release, considering the opinions of players who are already familiar with other Warcraft games:

“As you saw with Rumble, if you played Rumble, we were very sensitive to the fact that many people checking it out have experienced Warcraft through the RTS, WoW, Hearthstone, and we want to be consistent with that universe. That’s a big reason Chris [Metzen] is back; we wanted him to be kind of the arbiter of ‘this is in, this is out.’ Plus, he’s the only person who can pronounce some of those names.” Hight said smiling.

WarCraft Rumble

“But no seriously, we start with games, and we are going to expand beyond that. Our main purpose this year has been about, ‘Hey, let’s get all this aligned.’ Everything you saw yesterday [during BlizzCon] is the result of efforts starting in January – how do we make all of this come together? How do we make this big moment? How do we signal to the world that Warcraft is a universe, 240 million strong, and we’re going to grow from there. We are going to branch into other things, but first, we want people to start seeing this as not just a single game but really a plan for the future. When I said three decades, I’m not kidding. We all see ourselves as caretakers for this universe.”

The World of Warcraft executives are eager to preserve the vitality of the Warcraft universe, not just for our generation but also for your children and perhaps even for my granddaughter, Hight expresses.

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Four years ago, we asked if you’d like a Warcraft series on Netflix or HBO. The response was fantastic, with over 15K signing the petition.

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  1. Make it animated!! Blizzard’s cutscenes are works of art! Do that!

  2. Yes having 2 or 3 more movies or a series of Warcraft would be epic I’ve been playing this game since I was 8 years old this game is a part of my life , you always rock in term of cinematic and cutscene so I’m certain that if you do a serie or movie the animation decors and lore would be awesome I want to see the demon that guldan was talking to ! But I know who it was 😏

  3. I’ve been playing WoW since the beginning and still love the game! Sometimes I’m sorry but some of the storylines are cheesy. I do wish the stories were more in views of real life! I do like the mix up of funny storylines as well but don’t try to make them serious! If they’re supposed to be funny keep the story funny as well.

  4. Warcraft deserves to be on the big screen. 👍🏻
    I loved the movie 🍿

  5. Annette Filtenborg Hansen

    Please make it animated. your animated short stories are fantastic and match the world i spend my time in.
    best regard ( Miamya )