WoW Patch 8.2.5 might be last patch of BFA, 8.3 scrapped?

After a recent post from Blizzard, fans are starting to believe that Patch 8.3 might be scrapped from the expansion.

On the official World of Warcraft website, Blizzard released an overview of everything we can expect from 8.2.5, which releases tomorrow. In there, we see the Bee mount, Party Sync, the new Worgen and Goblin models, and everything else we expexted.

But the phrasing surrounding the War Campaign keeps us guessing. Is this the last big update for Battle for Azeroth? Check out the image below:

This states that the next War Campaign, will be the final one for this expansion. Some believe that this means 8.3 got scrapped, but it doesn’t have to be. In Legion, the class order halls also concluded before the final patch, and there is much more to tell in BFA. What we still need, is a big set up for the final confrontation between Sylvannas and the Rebellions. It would make more sense if the War Campaign would lead up to a final battle, between those two forces. Sylvannas, versus the world.

As we learned in the Shadowland leaks, Sylvannas will fake going for Thunder Bluff, and eventually attack Stormwind. The Siege of Stormwind, will be the final expansion, and conclude in everyone dying. You can read more on that theory right here.

There were sources before that stated 8.3 would be scrapped, as is seen in this post on mmo-champion. What do you guys think, will this be a set up for 8.3 or for a future expansion?