Asmongold about Starfield: “There is no reason to explore, its all the same sh*t”

Asmongold, a famous gamer on Twitch, recently talked about his worries for Bethesda’s upcoming game, Starfield. He’s known for being a smart and trusted game expert.

Asmongold thinks the main problem is that the game doesn’t have enough interesting things to do. He’s annoyed because when you play, there are only about five interesting places to go, and it gets boring. He compared it to playing old World of Warcraft, where you had to go to the same places a lot.He also said he went to about 15 to 20 different planets in the game, but they all felt the same.

He found the monsters, places, stuff you find, fighting, and how you play all to be repetitive and boring. He even joked that the map in Starfield seemed so weird that it must have been made by the game’s AI.