Bethesda delays “Major Starfield Update.”

Bethesda has postponed the anticipated Starfield update originally scheduled for release today.

This week, Bethesda shared that Starfield is getting a big update with over 100 tweaks. It’ll focus on fixing graphics, gameplay, and quest issues.The update was scheduled for today, but Bethesda postponed it due to an issue.

This development comes as a letdown for fans eagerly awaiting resolution to persistent bugs in the game following its latest patch. The update aims to address problems such as Quests like Eye of the Storm, stability issues, and various graphic enhancements. Ship hatch accessibility and persistent asteroid issues are also among the targeted fixes.

Bethesda made the decision to delay the update just a day before its planned beta launch:

“Hey everyone, the team discovered an issue they want to address before releasing the above update into the Steam Beta. We’re Aming to release it later this week but we’ll confirm timing when we know for sure. Thank you for your patience!” Bethesda community manager CVH explained on the official Discord server

Bethesda is making big changes to Starfield in 2024, focusing on improving promised features and adding new gameplay options before the release of the first expansion, Shattered Space.