Bethesda reveals Starfield timeline

Bethesda updated the official Starfield website. They added a timeline that explains what happened before the main story of the Starfield game. This timelinehas a lot of important information about the game’s world and characters.

The history of the Starfield universe has big events like humans landing on Mars in 2050 and living in space by 2100. As people traveled to other planets, groups like the United Colonies and Freestar Collective formed. They fought a long and violent war called the Narian War from 2196 to 2216 for control of the Narian System.

Around 50 years later, a group called Constellation is created in 2275 by Sebastian Banks. In 2308, another war starts because the Freestar Collective breaks a treaty. This war, called the Colony War, will likely be talked about a lot in Starfield, even though it only lasts a few years. If you want to quickly go through this timeline yourself, You’ll find it on the main page of the official website.

This timeline shows that the upcoming Xbox game, Starfield, has a detailed history to help players understand its big world. But there’s probably more to learn by exploring the galaxy while playing the game.