Bethesda has revealed the “biggest Starfield update yet.”

Bethesda has announced that a significant update for Starfield is on its way to Steam beta next week.

Despite being touted as the “biggest Starfield update yet,” it primarily focuses on routine fixes and improvements, with over 100 tweaks covering graphics, gameplay, and quest issues. Bethesda acknowledges that the major changes promised last month will take more time.

The update aims to address problems such as Quests like Eye of the Storm, stability issues, and various graphic enhancements. Ship hatch accessibility and persistent asteroid issues are also among the targeted fixes. The update will be available in Steam beta on January 17, with a full release for all players expected two weeks later, assuming everything goes as planned.

Bethesda is making big changes to Starfield in 2024, focusing on improving promised features and adding new gameplay options before the release of the first expansion, Shattered Space.
December last year, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer shared that since its release the game has been enjoyed by over twelve million players—a remarkable achievement. Spencer aims to follow in the footsteps of the enduring success of Skyrim by keeping Starfield captivating for players for more than a decade.

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