Bungie addresses player worries about Destiny 2 uncertainty.

The community management team of Destiny 2 has addressed concerns raised by certain fans regarding the potential abandonment of the game following the release of the Final Shape DLC in 2024.

Due to Marathon being a live-service extraction shooter, Bungie will need to allocate a considerable team of developers to ensure the game remains functional and enjoyable for players. While the release date of the game is still uncertain, there has been open discussion within the Destiny community regarding concerns about the potential discontinuation of the intellectual property (IP), despite the developer’s assurance that this outcome would not occur.


Marathon is an extraction game with a multiplayer player-versus-player (PVP) focus. Although gameplay footage is still pending, Bungie provided an in-depth explanation of the project in a six-minute video, highlighting its connection to the series. In this game, multiple teams consisting of three players each take control of cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners. They are deployed to the planet Tau Ceti IV, a significant location in the original games. The primary objective is to scavenge the hostile planet for artifacts and weapons that seemingly carry over to subsequent runs in some manner. The aim is to gather as many artifacts as possible and safely extract them to achieve victory in a round, although teams have the freedom to engage in combat, eliminate opponents, and attempt to seize their loot.

Destiny 2 community management responds

Now, with the upcoming Marathon game, fans are concerned that Destiny 2 might get less attention or even be discontinued if Marathon doesn’t do well. However, the Destiny community management team reassured fans on Reddit, saying that they have no plans to abandon Destiny. They promised that Bungie will continue to support both Destiny and Marathon in the future.

“We have no intention of abandoning Destiny; like most studios that support multi-IPs at the same time, we intend to do the same as them. You could argue about the support model we have now, which is fair criticism, but we’re working to be better. Much like how D1 and D2 was in the first first year, if we see that the market wants something more and/or something different, we will course-correct as needed.” BNGHelp

CEO Pete Parsons previously stated he wants “other franchises” outside of Destiny up and running by 2025 however, Bungie has not yet provided a release window or date.