Bungie banned Destiny 2 streamer for harassing players, creators and Bungie employees

A Destiny 2 streamer got banned from the game for repeatedly harassing players, developers, and other creators. Bungie took strong action against a German content creator and streamer. They officially announced the ban because the person broke their rules. The original post was in German.

Recently, we banned a local creator and streamer due to ongoing violations of our Code of Conduct, especially regarding harassment of players, other creators, and Bungie employees.
This ban will not be lifted. – x.com/@Destinygamede

While the announcement didn’t mention the banned person’s name, the German Destiny community thinks that “Lachegga,” a popular German streamer, is the individual facing the ban.


Bungie has previously responded to streamers who harassed their employees. In the past year, Bungie took legal action against a streamer who sent death threats to their employees online and made threats to set fire to the Bungie Headquarters.